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Supervising Code Enforcement Officer 

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The Building Department is responsible for the following activities: 

  • Reviewing plans for new residential construction and issuance of permits for new houses and additions, garages, swimming pools and storage sheds and restrictions on fence installations

  • Reviewing site plan proposals for development of vacant property and redevelopment of existing land uses and coordinating the review process with all town departments, Erie County and other interested parties

  • Reviewing building plans for new commercial buildings and renovations to existing structures

  • Reviewing plans and issuance of permits for electrical work, plumbing and sump pumps

  • Issuing permits for temporary shelters and temporary structures, signs, communication towers and antennae, above-ground and underground tank installations and removals, operating permits, Christmas tree sales and outdoor dining permits

  • Issuing contractor’s licenses and licenses for Master Plumbers and Master Electricians

  • Issuing zoning compliance decisions and the submittal of Zoning Board of Appeals applications. To view the Town of Tonawanda's Zoning Rules and Regulation's CLICK HERE 

  • Coordinating reviews for rezone applications, special use permits, street cut permits and backflow prevention device applications

  • Performing fire safety inspections

Building FAQ's

The Town of Tonawanda Building Department manages the sump pump inspections, which is required in the town, during any transfer of land.

About the Sump Pump Program
The Town of Tonawanda enacted Local Law 3-88 in 1988 that requires, at the time of property transfer, a certificate of compliance involving the storm / sanitary system on private property. An inspection is carried out by town personnel of the storm / sanitary system on the property prior to issuance of a certificate. 

Installation of a new sump pump or inspection of an existing sump pump is included prior to the issuance of a certificate. An appointment for inspection may be setup through the Building Department at 525 Belmont Avenue or by phone at (716) 877-8801.

Minor Subdivision of Land Review Requirements
Effective September 9, 1996, the Town of Tonawanda adopted a “subdivision of land” review law, Chapter 185 of the Town Code. Fees apply

Minor subdivisions include property to be subdivided into two or three lots maximum. The applicant is required to submit a plat plan with required exhibits and application fees (as listed in the pdf application form ) to the Technical Support Department for approval. Such approval will take approximately 45 days from the date that a complete application package is received.

Major Subdivision of Land Review Requirements
Major subdivisions include subdividing land into four or more lots. The applicant is required to first submit a Sketch Plan with required exhibits and application fees (as listed in the pdf application form ) for preliminary review to the Technical Support Department. Following Sketch Plan approval, a Plat Plan with required exhibits (as listed in the application form) must be submitted for final approval. Such approval could take as long as 90 days, depending upon the size of the subdivisions.

Commercial Subdivision of Land Review Requirements
For commercial subdivisions (office, parks, etc.) Site Plan review will also be required by the Building Department for each building lot / site improvement.

More Information
For more information, contact the Building Department at (716) 877-8801.