Dennis Moss
Maintenance Supervisor

1835 Sheridan Dr
Buffalo NY 14223


Operation and Maintenance of Traffic Signals
There are a total of 114 traffic signals situated at various intersections throughout the Kenmore-Tonawanda boundary. 

Town-Owned Signals
The operation and maintenance of the 28 town-owned signals is performed by the Town Police Department and is funded out of the town's general fund. Town-owned signals exist on town or Erie County roads. 

New York State Traffic Signals
New York State traffic signals exist on New York State highways and are owned and maintained by the New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT). The City of Buffalo owns and maintains the signals on Kenmore Avenue, the Village of Kenmore owns and maintains a few signals on Elmwood and Colvin boulevards and there also a few private signals operating under NYSDOT or town permit.