In local government, a capital improvement project may be loosely defined as any improvement to its assets or infrastructure that would involve products and installation exceeding $35,000. 

A project's life cycle can be years long and goes through an entire chain of considerations. Our office tracks a project from inception to completion and maintains the project's archival records in cooperation with the town's records management officer.

Project Life Cycle
A public bid project will include a contract that will be awarded by the Town Board to the lowest responsible bidder. A purchase order will be made to the contractor to begin work and progress payments will be reviewed and approved by our office. Once a project is completed to the satisfaction of the town, final payments are made and record drawings are provided, if required. If the project was funded by a grant, final reporting is made to the funding source.

Typical projects handled by our office include street reconstruction, utility line replacement and building, facility or process renovations and repairs.

More Information
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