About the Sheridan Parkside Neighborhood Plan

Sheridan Parkside Plan
Vision Map for Sheridan Parkside
The Sheridan Parkside Neighborhood Plan was developed and adopted in 2003 and was made a part of the Town's Comprehensive Plan in 2005. The plan establishes a future vision of converting this neighborhood from a high density multi-family community to a mostly owner-occupied neighborhood of single-family homes.  Several other neighborhood investments are called for in the plan including traffic network improvements and a series of redesigned pocket parks. Some resident suggestions will likely lead to some amendments and redesign of these initial plans in the near future.
A Brief History of the Neighborhood
The Sheridan Parkside Neighborhood was built by the U.S. Public Housing Administration throughout WWII (1940-1945) to create housing units for war-time workers in several local industries. A total of 1,200 units were originally constructed in a series of 2, 4, & 6-unit structures throughout the neighborhood. Eventually a central park and elementary school building were built for neighborhood families.  In 1947, after the war, the U.S. Government offered the units for sale to private investors.
Implementing the Plan
So far, the Town has demolished 242 substandard units and has built 37 new single-family homes. New water, sewer, and roads were installed during the 1980's and the Town is currently working to address several ongoing initiatives listed in the Plan. To view all of the goals and objectives, you can click below:

  pdf Sheridan Parkside Plan

  pdf Sheridan Parkside Planning Map