The Town of Tonawanda Comprehensive Plan provides a framework for managing and adapting to change in the foreseeable future. The Comprehensive Plan serves as the basis for the Town’s land use and zoning decisions.  It includes visioning and goals, an inventory of existing conditions, findings, issues, and recommendations, implementation strategies, and annual review. Click the above link to access the 1955 Master Plan, 2005 Comprehensive Plan, and 2014 Comprehensive Plan Update.

The Town of Tonawanda pdf 2014 Comprehensive Plan Update  is intended to provide a framework for managing and adapting to changes in the foreseeable future here in the Town of Tonawanda, Erie County, New York. The Comprehensive Plan serves as the basis for the Town’s land use and zoning decisions. The Town of Tonawanda is a first-ring suburb that borders on the City of Buffalo. It is the third largest town in Erie County, with a population of approximately 73,567 residents, including the Village of Kenmore. 

Project Status
Steering Committee achieves consensus on revisions to the Draft Comprehensive Plan/GEIS document and requests its review by the Planning Board. 
• Planning Board accepts the Draft Comprehensive Plan/GEIS and forwards to the Town Board with their recommendation adopt. - December 2, 2014
• Town Board directs SEQR Lead Agency solicitation and Coordinated Review to begin. - February 11, 2015
• Town Board holds public hearing on combined Draft Comprehensive Plan/GEIS 
• 30-day public review period. 
Assuming it will be determined that “there are no potentially significant adverse environmental impacts as a result of the plan's adoption” a Negative Declaration will be drafted for the Town’s use. 
• Town Board Adopts the Comprehensive Plan/GEIS, May 4, 2015 - pdf Presentation

Previous Comprehensive Plans
The town last revised the pdf Comprehensive Plan  in 2005. Before that, a plan had not been done since 1955. The pdf 1955 document  provided excellent guidance to the town during its years of strong growth. Since 2005, several action items have been completed related to specific study areas such as rezoning Old Towne and Delaware Avenue, a Local Waterfront Revitalization Program update, Waterfront Land Use Plan Update, the Youth, Parks & Recreation Comprehensive Plan, Waterfront Land Use Plan Update and several others including: zoning studies for solar power installations, adult uses, and various commercial corridors. These area-wide studies are being integrated into an overall vision for the town to help guide decision-making. 

Purpose of the Plan
The primary purpose of the 2014 Comprehensive Plan Update is to revisit the plan from 2005 and to add or modify it based on current trends or anticipated factors. It will also encompasses the other planning studies that have been completed since 2005, rolling those efforts into one authoritative guide. 

The Town of Tonawanda Comprehensive Plan Update will serve as a basis for land use regulation and decisions, community projects and public and private investment in the town. It is the intent of this document that it will help guide decision making in the Town of Tonawanda in order to maintain those features that the community values so highly, while mitigating any impacts of future change. 

Scope of the Plan
The Comprehensive Plan will up date the existing conditions in the Town to summarize “where we are today”.  Ongoing projects and activities will be described and current issues and opportunities will be identified.  To clearly outline what the town seeks, the Goals and Objectives will be revised to show “where we want to go”.  Implementation Strategies are also being updated to describe ”how we will get there”.

The plan will be built around the following primarily themes in the Goals and Objectives:  

  • Building a Sustainable Community
  • Stewardship of Natural Resources
  • How We Live
  • Where We Work
  • How We Move
  • Services We Need to Live, Work and Play

The draft Vision Statement provides a concise statement of purpose: 

“To create a vibrant and sustainable community where the social, built, environmental, economic and human capital collectively make the Town one of the most attractive suburbs in Erie County and New York State, and where strategic improvements and enhancements to neighborhoods, housing, the waterfront, services and amenities, and roadways, will bring about economic prosperity and improved quality of life.”  

The Comprehensive Plan Update considers input from the public collected at public information meetings.

Public Meeting No. 1:

At the onset of the project, a public information meeting was held at the Braunshidle VFW Post on November 26, 2013.  This meeting was held to introduce the public to the planning consultants, the Advisory Committee and the project.  Meeting participants utilized workbooks to discuss and analyze priority issues.  The goal of this meeting was to gather as much public input as possible regarding concerns and key opportunities for improving the Town and their quality of life.  The summary ideas and pdf mapping from this meeting is available here: pdf Public Information Meeting Nov 26, 2013 .

Public Meeting No. 2

A second public meeting is being held Tuesday, April 22 2014.  The purpose of this highly interactive meeting will be to allow residents to hear the initial study findings and to actively participate in the review and clarification of the draft recommendations for the 2014 Comprehensive Plan Update.  Please review the draft pdf Section II Visioning and Goals .

Public Meeting No. 3

A public hearing will be conducted to provide an opportunity for the public to review the final draft Comprehensive Plan Update and offer additional input and comments prior to Town Board consideration of the Plan for adoption. The time frame for this hearing will be in late Spring 2014.  As the dates and materials are finalized, they will be posted here.

A final draft of the plan can be found pdf here . The next step will be the town board's adoption of the plan.

Community Voice
Community Voice is a web based opportunity for your voice to be heard about the plan and to offer ideas you may have. This plan is ours, the Town of Tonawanda community, and this inovation tool is easy to use and makes it easy to express your thoughts and ideas so everyone can share and guide this planning process.