The Town of Tonawanda Comprehensive Plan provides a framework for managing and adapting to change in the foreseeable future. The Comprehensive Plan serves as the basis for the Town’s land use and zoning decisions.  It includes visioning and goals, an inventory of existing conditions, findings, issues, and recommendations, implementation strategies, and annual review. Click the above link to access the 1955 Master Plan, 2005 Comprehensive Plan, and 2014 Comprehensive Plan Update.

Complete streets design is defined as a balanced approach to roadway design and development that accommodates and facilitates convenient and comfortable access and mobility by all users, including current and projected users, particularly pedestrians, bicyclists, transit users, and individuals of all ages and abilities. Click the above link to learn more about the Town’s Complete Streets Policy and Parker Boulevard Complete Streets Design Pilot Project

The local waterfront revitalization program (1993 and 2008) is a comprehensive land management program that promotes the balanced preservation, enhancement, and utilization of the Town's valuable waterfront resources. Click the above link to learn more.

Tonawanda Tomorrow - - is a community partnership with the Town of Tonawanda, community groups, local businesses, organized labor and residents. The effort is focused on creating good-paying jobs for the 21st Century, preparing our residents and workers for those jobs, and reinvesting in our community to preserve what makes Tonawanda such a great place to do business and raise a family. Click the above link to learn more. - The purpose of the project was to develop an area wide redevelopment plan for underutilized, vacant, abandoned, or contaminated properties that will catalyze redevelopment in the Town. The Town focused on strategic sites along River Road, the Niagara River waterfront and other industrial areas in the nearly 2,400 acres crescent shape between Military Road and Sheridan Drive. Click the above link to learn more.