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Detective Direct Phone Extensions
Do not use these numbers in an emergency situation

Daytime Secretary Patricia Nisbet
can be reached at 716-879-6633

Detectives Jeff Campanella, Thomas Falsone or Kevin Sweeney
can be reached at 716-879-6635

Detectives Timothy Connolly & Nikolaos Salonikis can be reached at 716-879-6636

Detectives Charles Card, Russell Paternostro or Gary Reinhart can be reached at 716-879-6637

Detective Raymond Marello 716-879-6640
Detective William Smith 716-879-6641
Detective Tom Moore 716-879-6628
Detective Brian Moline 716-879-6638
Detective William Fleming 716-879-6627
Detective Darren Hearitt 716-879-6694
Detective Scott Sprague 716-879-6645

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