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Red Cross Class Formats

Please Note: All courses follow American Red Cross guidelines and are taught by our own certified, experienced staff.

Class Formats

The American Red Cross offers three different class formats—Full, Review and Challenge.

  • "Full" courses are for people who need certification the first time or who have allowed a previous certification to lapse more than one month (30 days).

  • "Review" courses will review the course material using videos, textbooks, and question and answer sessions. Mastery of the course material is the responsibility of both the students and the instructor.  Recently the American Red Cross has clarified its position concerning Review Classes.  Please read this below.

30-Day Grace Period Allowed for Basic-Level Review Course

A Review course is an abbreviated version of the full course. The purpose of a review course is to refresh and re-evaluate the knowledge and skills. The knowledge and skills requirements of a review course are the same as the original, full course.

To be eligible to participate in a review course, a participant must possess a certificate in the same course that is expired for no more than 30 days. Upon successful completion of the review course, the participant receives a certificate that is valid for 2 years from date of completion of the review course.

The 30-day grace period only provides an opportunity to enroll in a basic-level review course. It is not considered an extension to an expired certificate nor for entry into an instructor-level course.

  • "Challenge" courses do not review the course materials. Students must have mastery of all material and be able to perform all skills prior to the beginning of the course. Students have one opportunity to pass the written test. Mastery of all material is the responsibility of the student only, as there will be no review of material or question and answer session prior to the course beginning.

Finally, all courses will require successful demonstration of skills and scoring 80% on all written tests.

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