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Personal Training

If you are looking for a certified trainer at a great price, then you have come to the right place.  Our personal trainers can provide you with their undivided attention to push you to get the most out of you work outs.  With sessions starting as short as 30mins, both members and non-members of our facility can experience our great “New Beginnings” program.  With rates differentiating depending on membership status, individuals can initiate their personal training experience at any time.  Check here for low price packages!  

How to Get started

In order to participate in our personal training program, you must first come into our facility and fill out one of our PAR-Q’s while in our facility.  Once you hand it in and it is looked over by one of trainers, you will be notified if a physician’s referral is required.  If deemed necessary, this referral must signed by your physician and returned to our facility in order to participate in the program.  Once the required paperwork in our hands, we will set up an appointment for an Evaluation & Orientation. The Evaluation and Orientation is a one hour appointment, where a trainer will:

  1. Perform a comprehensive Fitness Evaluation to determine the member’s current fitness levels and identify specific goals.
  2. Guide the member through an Orientation of the facility, highlighting specific aspects of the facility that will help them meet their fitness goals.

After this Evaluation & Orientation has taken place, depending on trainer availability, you will be able to start your personal training experience by setting up your first appointment with one of our certified staff members.  

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