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At the Aquatic & Fitness Center, we not only satisfy your aquatic needs but we provide everything for your land exercise needs as well.  Since opening in 1991, the fitness room has been expanded 3 different times in order to become the size it is today.  The room is currently composed of areas designated for stretching, cardio work outs, seated strength machine exercises and a free weight exercises. Virtually anywhere in the fitness room, you can watch your favorite show during your workout on one of our 10 HD TV’s.  Attached to the fitness room is a full locker room area which includes individual showers as well as individual storage lockers for ones belongings.

Youth Policies

In our facility, individuals ages 16 and older are allowed to use the fitness room on their own.  With the required paperwork, we do allow youth, ages 13-15, to use the facility while under the supervision of an adult from their family.  Please read our Youth Policy Sheet for more information.

For children ages 10-12, we do offer a beginners class listed as "Crash Course" on class schedule. Meeting once a week, this class introduces it's participants to the specifics of our fitness room as well as provides them with information on how to work out safely and properly. 


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