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Lap & Recreational Swim


With over 10,000 square feet of water surface and 780,000 gallons, there is space for everyone to enjoy a dip in the pool.  Whether you want to float on a noodle, explore underwater, swim laps, shoot hoops or simply stand around and chit-chat with others, there’s plenty of space to do whatever you’d like.

The pool, with the “bulkhead” that is able to divide the entire pool into two separate “pools,” allows us a significant degree of flexibility in programming so we can have a number of activities taking place there at one time.  Generally, there are anywhere between two and four activities taking place in the pool at any one time— recreational swim , swim lessons, water exercise classes, swimming practices, and lap swimming to name a few.

Recreational swim is available anytime we’re open—whether it’s 6:30 in the morning or 4:00 in the afternoon on  a weekend day, there’ll be time and space to do what you’d like in the pool.

Lap swim is also available when we’re open and the number of lanes can vary by the time of the day.  Nevertheless, there is always lap swim space for you to train for a triathlon or next swim meet or to simply swim a few laps to stay in good shape.  If you’re looking for some pull buoys, kickboards or swim fins for that extra intense workout, just help yourself.

Please note: For your safety, we conduct at least six emergency drills in the pool area per week. When you hear the air horn and whistles in the pool, you must clear the pool immediately and not return to the pool until instructed by the pool supervisor. We expect, appreciate, and thank you for your cooperation.

Pool Schedule

Check out our pool schedule for more specific times.

Please be aware there are times when we may not be able to have all areas of the pool open as scheduled which happens when we are not able to fully staff the pool with lifeguards.  We are mandated under New York State law to maintain certain surveillance levels (i.e. number of lifeguards) in accordance with the New York State Sanitary Code for Swimming Pools, Subpart 6-1 (Statutory Authority: Public Health Law § 225).

This is not negotiable, open for discussion or a topic which could allow anyone to use their discretion regardless of their position within our Town.

Swimming Etiquette

Lap swimming in our pool can handle many people at one time—more than one person per lane!  Given the size of our pool, and the number of Members and daily user we can and must accommodate more than eight lap swimmers (i.e. one per lane) at a time.  Please refer to the Circle Swimming flier for more information.  

Pool Length Conversion

Because our pool can be configured in so many different ways, the deep of the pool may be set to 25 yards or 25 meters, or the entire pool can be set to 50 meters in length.  When the pool is at 25 yards or 25 meters, the number of laps you’ll have to swim for a mile, for example, will be different.  Please refer to the Pool Length Conversion Chart for specific pool lengths.  This chart is also posted in the bulletin boards in the pool.

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