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About the Pool Area

The pool, with the water’s natural, glistening allure, cool temperatures, and near weightlessness it can provide wonderful sensations but must it be treated with some respect.  Please adhere to all the rules posted in the pool area and, perhaps most importantly rules and instructions from staff.  While we cannot write every possible rule, those that are posted are of primary importance as well as any instructions from the lifeguards and pool supervisor.  All rules and instructions from staff are expected to be followed since doing so is only for you own safety as well as the safety of others around you.

The three pools at the Aquatic & Fitness Center serve as the location for so much to so many.  Young and old, short and tall, working and retired—you can find a cross section of the swimming community right here, doing their own thing, in their own way.  Exercising, shooting hoops, talking with your long time buddy, or training for an upcoming competition, we’ve got the time and space for all your needs.

The Kiddie Pool
With its 83 degree water ranging from six to twenty four inches, it is site of some high energy good times for four to seven year olds.  (Children younger than four years need to be physically accompanied by a parent or guardian, who is in the pool within arm’s reach of the child at all times.)  U.S. Coast Guard approved flotation (lifejackets or PFD’s) devices only are permitted if you feel your child needs some extra support.

The Main Pool
All 50 meters and 780,000 gallons of it, can, and usually is divided in the center by the “bulkhead” which allows us far greater programming flexibility.  Since we then create two separate pools, each of which typically have multiple activities taking place.  With a water temperature of about 82.5 degrees, this pool is the location for so many activities for people of so many ages.

Swim lessons, water exercise classes, recreational swimming, lap swimming, SCUBA classes, and swim team and synchronized swimming practices are typical daily activities taking place in the pool. Luckily, we always have space for recreational swimming and lap swimming.

Main Pool

The Whirlpool
With water of about 101 degrees it can accommodate up to 13 people that simply want to soak and relax.  While it can be tempting to stay in for long periods of time (in excess of 10 minutes) consider stepping out to cool off with a quick shower and if you wish head back in for a short stay.  If you are curious as to the age one can use our whirlpool, please refer to the Whirlpool Age Requirements notification.

Sauna and Steam Room
A couple other amenities you’ll find on the deck are the sauna and steam room. The sauna is kept between 160 and 180 degrees.  The steam room should be hot, moist, and steamy. Yes, we’re fortunate to have the three “hot boxes” here at the Center.  A word to the wise, it is very, very easy to be overcome by heat from the consistently high temperatures in these three spaces, so enjoy these areas with some respect and after a brief stay of 10 minutes in any of the spaces, you should take a shower to rinse and cool off. Special Notice  


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