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Garden Tour Entries
Kenton Garden Tour - July 21 and 22, 2012

Map No. Address Description Sat. Lites
1 180 Lorelee Dr. This backyard oasis continues to grow with a large pond, beautiful plants -worth the trip!  
2 2674 Colvin Blvd Check out a 6 ft working water wheel feature, a Koi pond, waterfall with stream and a "Ye Olde Outhouse" shed. Yes
3 74 Lorelee Drive Don't miss this pond with Koi, Comets and Goldfish - surrounded by trees, perennials and ornamental grasses. Yes
4 288 Fairlane Ave This lot features a rock garden with pond and waterfall - together with arbors, annuals, perennials - gazing upon a putting green and pool.  
5 200 Brighton Road Wander through and read names of our honored and memorialized members of our Armed Forces in this beautiful, calm setting.  
6 346 Pilgrim Road Enjoy seeing these two ponds – one with a waterfall, rock gardens with rocks collected from other parts of the world. Yes
7 52 Melody Lane This inviting yard has a variety of annuals and perennials landscaped around an inground pool and hot tub - serene.  
8 11 Rochelle Park This treed garden features a gazebo, koi pond, screen house and more.  
9 634 Harrison Avenue This 20 year old garden surrounds a pergola and flagstone patio plus a water feature, trellis' and more.  
10 16 Kettering Drive A butterfly garden surrounds a large Koi pond with 5 waterfalls, lilies, cattails and more. Yes
11 303 Edgewood Ave. This mature woodland garden features unusual plants, ornamental grasses and a fish pond - come visit.  
12 363 Dushane Drive Rock-edged beds frame this garden with many hanging baskets, annuals, clematis, mature perennial plants.    
13 132 Fairbanks Avenue 120 varieties of perennials/annuals greet you as you wander through three backyard islands including a stone patio and deck.  
14 127 Fairbanks Avenue This garden features window boxes, assorted perennials, annuals, ferns and observe two fountains with lush hosta gardens, ornamental grasses/ bushes.  
15 99 Fairbanks Avenue This diverse backyard encompasses a back porch to enjoy a park-like setting with annuals, perennials - come and enjoy.  
16 74 Byron Avenue Welcome to our small hideaway which includes several water features, annuals, perennials, fish pond and inground pool. Yes
17 57 Fairbanks Avenue A patio pergola with wisteria vines in addition to water fountains, perennials and annuals greet you on this property. Yes
18 62 Fairbanks Avenue This country garden with water features, perennials and annuals is a must see if you missed it last year.. Yes
19 122 Pickford Avenue This Japanese garden draws you to gaze on stone lanterns, a Koi Pond with a dry stream bed - see it  illuminated at night!  Yes
20 298 Hartford Ave. This TLC garden features shrubs,walkways leading to perennials, annuals, birdbath, strawberry pots and more.  
21 491 Highland Ave. This pristine garden features an inground pool surrounded by perennials and annuals - illuminated and outstanding at night!! Yes
22 165 Oakvale Blvd. This backyard retreat is a colorful mix of perennials and annuals - come visit!  
23 515 Thorncliff Road A brick path leads you to gardens featuring climbing vines, perennials and annuals. Yes
24 27 Ivy Lea Drive This mature perennial  garden invites you to visit the fountain, fish pond and two-tiered patio  
25 101 Colvinhurst Drive These large family-friendly gardens greet you - wander and see an urban meadow, a "Victory" garden, rain garden and outdoor kitchen!!    
26 1086 Englewood Avenue Wow - see this pergola with an outdoor dining room - wall of mirrors to accent climbing vines and a 3 tiered herb garden - must see. Yes
27 56 Dorset Drive As you gaze upon window boxes and gardens in front - head to the back and check out the two-tiered fish pond.  
28 1065 Colvin Blvd. A wading pool and waterfall greet you with many perennials and annuals. Yes Only
29 401 Knowlton Ave. A new sunroom gazes upon new gardens - come and visit.  
30 375 Knowlton Ave. Come visit the topiary animals and low maintenance perennials - at night too! Yes
31 58 Hiler Avenue This garden features a prolific pear tree, established perennials, Koi Pond, rock garden, a Wisteria covered Pergola and flowering annuals.  
32 715 Colvin Blvd. This outdoor living area is surrounded by perennials, rose bushes, a water feature and dry creek bed.  
33 174 East Hazeltine This back yard features a fish pond, gardens, cat tails which at night is illuminated. Yes
34 159 E. Hazeltine  Waterfalls, annuals and perennials lead to a secret garden - come visit at night also. Yes
35 137 Parkwood Ave. No grass - all garden!  Come and experience my personal retreat. Yes
36 151 McKinley As you approach notice the lovely cottage style gardens - but then follow the narrow path to an Ancient Roman Garden with statuary, fountains and columns.  
37 96 Wardman Road A water feature and bench adds to the quaintness of this cottage-like garden with familiar perennials and annuals.  
38 2919 Delaware Ave. These gardens with perennials and annuals compliment our Municipal Bldg. - designed by EB Green -as the point garden at the corner of the two Delawares.  
39 109 Stillwell Ave. Located in the village - this is a welcoming and casual garden at night also. Yes
40 17 Nassau Ave. Shared perennials add to this front, back and side yard, small trees and pond.  
41 35 Danbury Lane This backyard opens to a park-like setting with gardens and a gazebo.  
42 144 Doncaster Rd. This yard with a pond highlighted by boxwoods, japanese maples and ornamental grasses is a must to see.  
43 370 Delaware Road The front and back of this home with it's 300 annuals and perennials, a waterfall and pond is a must-see!   Yes
44 91 Columbia Blvd. A collection of wire art animals greet you as you enter this quaint garden bursting with colors of perennials and annuals Yes
45 58 Princeton Blvd. Decorative rock gardens in front with more perennials in back with a variety of grasses.  
46 482 Delaware Road As you approach notice the front island and porch flowers then head to the backyard with perennials, trees and more décor.  
47 221 Glencove Road The Golden Willow in this yard beckons you to visit a variety of ferns, trees and plants.  
48 636 Delaware Road See what a wonderful garden this small yard holds - worth a look at these annuals and perennials.  
49 650 Delaware Road This shade garden sanctuary brings peace and tranquility as you gaze at the oasis of green with hostas, grasses and fiddlehead ferns.  
50 136 Southwood Dr. This perennial garden features lilac bushes, Japanese maple, much more to see including hydrangeas and a butterfly tree - come visit!!  
51 157 Paramount Pkwy Follow the flagstone pathway to view perennials/annuals, fountain feature in this cottage garden with an English-style shed.  
52 42 Orchard Drive This entertaining garden presents perennials, annuals and a water feature.  
53 939 Delaware Road Wander  through over 1/2 acre of cottage-like gardens, 2 ponds 100's of perennials and annuals - a surprise around every bend Yes
54 924 Delaware Road As you enjoy the annuals and perennials in this country garden - make sure to visit the backyard retreat with fountains, statues and waterfall ponds.  
55 3735 Delaware Ave. This gathering back patio with it's flowering perennials and potted plants is enjoyed by 150 senior residents  
56 852 Delaware Road This corner lot is complimented by trees, perennials, annuals and a small fountain. Yes
57 82 Wabash Avenue This garden honors all pets with a water feature - many plants and the Rainbow Bridge for pet owners. Yes
58 190 Wabash Ave. October storm branches form an arbor for this yard with fountains and garden beds. Yes
59 399 Tremont Ave. Enjoy the fairy garden with containers and a water falls and fish also.  
60 289 Desmond Drive Come visit 3 ponds with water falls, assorted gardens with 3 fountains. Yes
61 1237 Tonawanda St. This renovated garden features fountains in front in addition to the backyard fishpond, gazebo and more. Yes
62 54 Riverdale Ave. This club's tree farm - currently with 35 trees - gives back to the community 2 times per year with these tree plantings.  

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