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Town Government
Town Administration
Town of Tonawanda voters elect a supervisor and four councilmen to legislate and administrate the needs of the town. The Town Board, which meets bimonthly, is responsible for all legislation governing police, building, highways, zoning, water rights, sanitation, sewage, air pollution, noise and other matters of concern to residents, commercial enterprises and industry.

Elected Officials
Other elected officials are the highway superintendent, town clerk, and two town justices, all elected for four-year terms.

Town Clerk
The town clerk is the individual to whom residents direct their questions, complaints, and suggestions, and who in turn directs them to the proper department or official for investigation or recommendation. The clerk also has jurisdiction over the issuing of licenses and permits, including those for marriage, hunting and fishing. A recent reorganization integrated the duties of the former receiver of taxes into those of the Office of the Town Clerk.

For More Information
If you have any questions, please contact the Town of Tonawanda at (716) 877-8800.

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