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Traffic Tickets
Guilty Plea by Mail
If you wish to plead guilty to a traffic violation by mail, date and sign Part A of your summons and remit it to the court before the court date, which is printed on the front of your summons. Upon receipt, the court will notify you in writing of the fine due.

Not Guilty
If you wish to plead not guilty by mail, you must date and sign Part B of the summons. Upon receipt of your not guilty plea, the court will notify you in writing of your court date for arraignment.

If you do not want to enter a plea by mail, you should appear in court on the date listed on the bottom of your summons. Upon arrival in the court there are lists posted in the hallway. Locate your name on the list and follow the directions on the top of the sheet. If you have any questions go to the cafeteria court window, where a clerk will assist you.

More Information
For more information, contact the clerk of the court at (716) 876-5536.

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