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Grinder Pumps System
About the Sewage System
The low-pressure sewage system servicing your home is part of the larger Town of Tonawanda sewage collection system. Every day of the year, hundreds of miles of pipe carry sewage to the Wastewater Treatment Facility located on Two Mile Creek Road.

The grinder pump in your yard is an important part of the system. The Town of Tonawanda uses several types of collection systems. Each has been designed to best serve the customer in a particular area. Topography, the physical features of the earth and soils play an important role in design selection. In areas where sewage cannot flow downhill by gravity, pumps are used to force sewage through the lines to the reclamation facility.

Your home is one served by a pressure system, which uses a grinder pump to grind the sewage from your home (much like the garbage disposal in your kitchen) and push the sewage through small plastic pipes to the larger lines in the street.

Grinder Pumps
The town-owned grinder pumps are placed in an easement to provide access for maintenance and service. It is not advisable to plant flowers or shrubs or place such items as fences, decorative pilings, fish ponds, etc. within close proximity of the grinder pump, as damage to the underground electrical or piping systems may occur.

Electrical power and alarm wires are buried under the ground between the control panel and the tank. Before digging in the area, call Water / Sewer at (716) 874-0490 to have a town employee locate the lines.

With your cooperation, your low-pressure system will provide many years of safe, reliable service. Please take a few moments to read the following information to insure the proper functioning of your pump.

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