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Records Bureau
Captain Timothy Waring
Bureau Commander Direct # 716-879-6652

Barbara Henry
Records Review Direct # 716-879-6658

1835 Sheridan Dr.
Buffalo, NY  14217

Ph: (716) 876-5300

Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 4:00 pm
The Records Bureau is a multifaceted support bureau of the Police Department. If it's on paper, the Records Bureau touches it.

Records Bureau personnel are responsible for the data entry of incident reports, arrest records, court dispositions, traffic summonses, appearance tickets, criminal summonses, warrants, orders of protection and handicap parking permits. This data is entered into either an in-house computer system or a countywide central police services system. 

Other Records Bureau duties include general typing, general filing, filling out requests for criminal arrest checks, and releasing police reports per F.O.I.L request.

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