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Events in Our History
Community Historic Events
Here are some of the significant events in our community's past:
  • 1800: Joseph Ellicott, appointed as resident land agent for the Holland Land Company, began his land sales to settlers in the future Town of Tonawanda and surrounding areas.
  • 1805: Alexander Logan, John King and John Hershey settled in the northeast part of the town.
  • December 19-30, 1813: Fort Niagara was captured by the British and Manchester (now Niagara Falls), Black Rock and Buffalo burned.
  • June 1825: Major Mordecai Manual Noah, editor of a prominent New York City journal, purchased 2,550 acres of land on Grand Island to establish a refuge for Jews of all nations. He called the settlement "Ararat," but failed to carry his plan to fruition.
  • April 16, 1836: New York State legislature organized the Town of Tonawanda which was comprised of the present-day towns of Tonawanda, Grand Island and the present City of Tonawanda.
  • September 18, 1899: Village of Kenmore was incorporated within the Town of Tonawanda.

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