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Snow Plowing and Salting of Streets
Priority Plan
The Highway Department has developed a snow removal priority plan, as shown on the Priority Map. The plan divides the town streets into two priorities: mains and secondary roads. The priorities are selected on the basis of traffic volumes, public transit routes, proximity to schools and fire halls and access to businesses.

Our Goal
The first goal is to have mains plowed and salted as soon as possible. Ideally, this would be accomplished prior to the morning rush hour traffic. However, there are several factors that will determine whether this goal can be met, such as when the snow begins to fall as well as the magnitude and duration of the snow event.

The secondary goal is to have all remaining streets plowed as soon as possible.

Residential Snow Removal Responsibilities
Cooperative Effort
Effective snow plowing and salting on town streets is a cooperative effort of both the highway street crews and local residents. Individuals are required to place their shoveled / plowed snow on their own property and not in the street.

Your cooperation helps keep the streets safe for travel.

Town of Tonawanda Municipal Code
The town asks that all residents and contractors comply with Town of Tonawanda Municipal Code 183-6: Depositing certain materials upon public places prohibited.

This code states that no person, firm or corporation shall plow, shovel, sweep, heap up or in any other manner deposit or place snow, ice, slush or any other material or substance on any street or any other public place in the Town of Tonawanda, outside the Village of Kenmore.

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