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Tree Maintenance
Worker trimming a tree Worker cleaning up trimmed trees Workers trimming residential trees

Trimming of Trees
To request to have a tree in front of your home trimmed, contact the Town of Tonawanda Highway Department at (716) 875-8822.

Eliminating Immediate Hazards
To eliminate immediate hazards, this type of trimming is required for public safety. The Town of Tonawanda's Forestry Department will determine whether a tree's condition is an immediate hazard.

Visibility for Motorists, Pedestrians and Traffic Signs
If vegetation is encroaching on the public right of way, this type of trimming is required for public safety.

Clearing Public Right of Way
This service consists of removing lower limbs and other growth from street trees to provide adequate clearance for vehicles and pedestrians.

Tree Removals
Only dead trees or trees deemed an immediate hazard are removed from the right of way as soon as possible. All other removal requests are evaluated for trimming or removal.

The tree will be removed by the Town of Tonawanda Forestry Department. This includes full stump grinding, picking up chips, backfilling with top soil and seeding.

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