William Krier
Detective Lieutenant / Director
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Darren Hearitt

Cameron Balon
Crisis Services Counselor

1835 Sheridan Dr.
Buffalo, NY  14223 


The Town of Tonawanda Family Offense Unit provides an immediate and skilled police response to victims of family violence. 

Specially trained police officers conduct investigations and evaluations that may lead to prosecution of family members involved in violence within the family unit. They investigate domestic, sexual, elder abuse and neglect cases. These officers also investigate all crimes committed by juveniles. 

Specially trained police officers counsel victims of crimes. Assistance, information and support is given to victims regarding orders of protection, prosecution, court advocacy, emergency medical attention, emergency shelter and referrals to support services.

Mission Statement
The mission of the Family Offense Unit is to reduce the frequency and level of violence within the family unit in the Town of Tonawanda.